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Pentacle Triple Moon Smudge Bowl

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Ceramic glazed bowl with a smudge stick holder in the centre. Decorated with a beautiful blue glaze and a golden triple moon motiff with a pentacle and tree of life.

Used for holding Purifying/cleansing sticks while they are burning or simply to display them. 

10 cm in diameter, perfect for carrying in your hand. 

Tips for usage: 
-Fill the outer rim with a clean, pure sand. This will help in the extinguishing of the sage and also helps prevent the bowl becoming too hot to handle. 
- placing the sage in the holder while cleansing your space/area/house helps prevent ash and embers from falling on your carpet and causing fires or simply protecting delicate homewares and floors. 

*WARNING: Never leave burning sage unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. As product produces smoke, do not use around children, pregnancy and those with breathing problems.