HEM Damar Resin 30g

HEM Damar Resin 30g

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30g Damar Resin - Harvested from a hardwood Damar Tree in India. 

As an incense, Damar is used to combat Sadness, depression and melancholy. 

How to use:

Set a charcoal tablet on a heat proof surface and light, slowly fan or blow on the tablet until the charcoal is glowing and has stopped crackling. Put resin on top of the charcoal disc using tweezers, a spoon or knife. For best results, crush your resin in a mortal and pestle until it resembles coarse sand or gravel.


Safety notice: Always burn charcoal discs and resins on a heat proof surface, away from all combustible materials. never leave unattended while burning. Keep out of reach of children and pets.